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When your computer is broken, sick, has a virus or has crashed, you want it fixed.

You want first-class first-aid – and you want it fast!

That’s exactly what we do – with a fast response service to individuals & small businesses, to get PCs back working and fully fit again.

What’s more, if we don’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s No Fix - No Fee from the GP for your PC.

Fast, friendly service 30 years experience No Fix - No Fee The GP for your PC

Local. Trusted. Responsible.

Computer repair for you

No call out charges

Back to work fast

Our core clients are micro businesses and solo business professionals: individuals typically working from home.   We have our own micro business too, so we understand your business pressures and think like you.

We understand you

You are in control

Reduce risk

Or look at our

computer guides -

you might be able to do
some first-aid to  sort it out yourself!

your name
your email
your phone
your enquiry

We talk English as well as techie

So, if you have a problem you want to ask us about, then  fire away....

Ask the doctor

When asked by a technician,
Click here

We know that small businesses  don't need risk: that's why we guarantee our customers only pay us when we solve the problem.  That's even if we recommend that you invest in some new equipment rather than repairing what you've already got.

Upgraded your computer to
Windows 10?

Now upgrade yourself!

Check out our
Beyond Basics

Great news!

Over the years we’ve built a lot of knowledge about technology.

We share some of it in our blog, but we have much, much more in our knowledge base.

Now, as a subscriber you can now access our repository of wisdom, full of useful tips and tricks to make your technology work for you!  Find out more here!