Put your emergency details into your phone

Android phones can show some information from the lock screen in case you are taken ill. This can include your name, address, medical conditions and emergency contacts.

Just go to settings – users and accounts, then find ‘emergency information’. Enter here what information you want people trying to help you know, plus come contacts like next-of-kin and your doctor.

When your phone is locked, pressing emergency at the bottom takes you to a dial screen and tapping ‘;emergency information’ at the top twice displays the information that you entered.

iPhones have a similar feature. Open the health app and tap the ‘medial ID’ tab. Then tap ‘Edit Medical ID’ if you need to Just enter the details here and choose ‘Show when locked’. Also go to ‘Emergency contacts’ and add contacts. Then press ‘Done’

To look at the info from the home screen tap ‘Emergency’ and ‘Medical ID’

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