Buying a new computer 1: are you thinking of replacing your computer?

Do you need to? It’s a bit like replacing a car. If the car does what you want, then keep it! So the first question to ask is ‘does the computer do what I want?’. If the answer is yes, then that is fine.

If not, then maybe the computer can be upgraded. This is easier for desktops but even laptops can have replacement hard drives for speed or capacity. USB ports can also add a lot of capability: better sound, monitor connections, etc. Check out whether you can get what you need.

In my case the keyboard had failed. I could carry an external keyboard with me but that adds weight and more stuff to carry. I was also finding that the laptop was a bit underpowered for what I was asking it to do. Pity as I really liked it.

At the same time a customer asked me to look into a new desktop to replace their XP machine.

So a great time to take you through the story of getting the new machines.

See my video chat here:

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