Do more with PDFs

I like sending documents, etc., as PDFs, so that the formatting stays as I want it. If you send them as document files then the printer that others have installed can make your documents look very different as their printer might set different default margins.

One way to make your bigger PDF more exciting is to turn it into a flip book, which simulates turning the pages of a real book. is an interesting site where you upload your pdf and it returns a link to the flipbook that it has created. There is also an admin section where you can customise a few things and download a copy. This means that you can either send people to the link or email the zip file.

On the other hand, if you want to copy the images in a PDF, then using a screen capture tool will just give you fuzzy pictures. Go to the PDF24 image extraction tool, upload the PDF and it will let you download a zip file of all the images at the original quality.

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