Keeping private on Google

Google is very good at many things, but also keeps lots of tabs on you that others can see. To check what they know and share with others, go to

Next click on ‘Manage your data and privacy’. This takes you to a page where you can see what they know about you. One important thing is to click ‘info that you can share with others’ to examine your profile and location sharing.

Under profile you can see what can be shared. A people icon shows everyone can see it, whilst a padlock shows that it is restricted. In this age of identity theft I have my gender and birthday kept private.

The security tab will show you what devices are logged into your google account. You may see old ones so use the ‘>’ symbol and sign out on those. You may also see ones that you don’t recognise which may be hackers. Sign out on those as well, then change your google password and ideally set up two-factor authentication.

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