These are popular devices and for good reason. I’ve got one that records front and rear. Just make sure it is discreetly mounted and not right in front of you, like many I see!

Many people ask whether there are dashcams that record all the time and the answer is generally ‘no’ as they are for evidence whilst driving and not security devices.

However Garmin has gone two steps beyond with a dashcam that is designed to be permanently powered and that broadcasts what it sees over the mobile data network so that you can see what it sees from any computer or mobile device.

It can also show you where your car is, alert you if someone else drives it and record any incidents whether the car is moving or not. Sounds amazing.

Potential downsides are that being on all the time will deplete the battery so you need to drive the car a lot and frankly the cost!

But pushing the frontier forward.

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