View two tabs in Edge

A new, experimental, feature in the Edge web browser lets you see two tabs side by side, so that you can compare them. At the moment it is experimental so it needs to be enabled manually.

In the browser address bar type edge://flags and press enter. Now look for ‘Microsoft Edge split screen’, select Enabled from the drop-down menu and restart Edge.

You will now find a ‘split window’ button. Pressing this will move the current tab contents to the left and allows you to choose another tab to show on the right.

Alternatively, you can enter a web address for the right side or open a link in the left in the right side. Hover over the top-right corner, choose ‘switch between linked and unlinked tabs’ and select ‘open link from left to right tab.

Or, like most browsers, drag the tab from the tab bar onto the desktop to open it in a new window. Not as much functionality but a lot easier!

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