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Beware of USB sticks that you ‘find’

People are naturally curious, so if they find a USB stick or one turns up in the post, they often plug it into a computer to see what is on it.

Don’t. Many are scattered around with malware or worse on them, while others with very convincing programs claiming to be on them are posted out that may well lock your computer.

It’s not worth the risk unless you have an old computer that you don’t mind losing everything and reinstalling Windows.

If you weren’t expecting the stick or any other device, just say no to plugging it in.

Moving photos from Ipad or iPhone to computer

It might seem that iCloud is the only way, but it can be painfully slow for getting lots of photos down to your machine.

You might try connecting it by a USB cable to your computer, but then you often have lots of fun trying to find the photos.

Well, there is a free tool from Easeus called Mobimover free which helps. Download and run it. Now connect your iPad or iPhone, click the middle icon to transfer to PC, find and select the files you want. Finally transfer them.

‘Your Kindle is unable to connect’

This means that you missed out on a vital update that was only available between 10 and 22 March 2016. If your Kindle was in a drawer having asleep then it will hve missed it.

You will need to download the update to a PC, connect the Kindle to it with a USB cable and drag-and-drop the update over to your Kindle.

Visit to find the model of your Kindle and more info about updating.