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Keep track of your possessions

Having spent ages trying to find my car keys several times, I’ve been keeping an eye on Bluetooth trackers. These are little devices that you attach to your stuff and that talk to an app on your phone.

I did try some cheap Chinese ones but they turned out to be a false economy as they were useless!

However I spotted twin packs of the Tile Mate Pro at a good price on Amazon and took the plunge. Especially as the batteries are now user-replaceable

The free version of the app has let me link the ‘Tiles’ to the app. I’ve then put them on bunches of keys and some electronics.

When I use the app to find them, the tile in question plays a tune (you can select one of about ten) if it is range of the phone. In reverse, pressing the button on a ‘Tile’ makes then phone ring. If the devices are out of range, then you can see where it last was on a map through the app – even more, if your lost tile comes within range of any other tile user, you will get an email about where it was seen. However, it won’t tell you when a Tile goes out of range. Only downside is that one has to have location settings active.

The premium version adds a few features but I’m not sure I need them yet.