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Scan using your phone

I often use my phone as a notepad by photographing things (timetables, shelf-labels in shops, etc.) but sometimes a scanner is what we really need.
Adobe has produced an Adobe Scan app to do the job. You do need an Adobe ID but that is free. It captures an image using the camera and this can be tweaked. The image is then saved as a PDF (that’s quite big)and uploaded to your account on the Adobe Cloud.
I’m still trying to work out what does this do that we can’t do using the camera and a USB cable?

Epson printers print a fixed number of pages

I do like (and own) Epson printers but they have a ‘protection counter’ built in. Epson claims that there are ink pads that can’t be replaced and further use could damage the printer. Options from Epson are a very-pricey service or a new printer.

When you get the message in a pop-up window, Epson’s Maintenance Reset Utility will unlock the printer for a short while but can only be used once. For a longer-term solution at your own risk, then try SSC service utility that has a resetter tab