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New mobile keyboards – new features

Well Google has been at it again and launched Gboard. If you have an Android phone it will be installed automatically. iPhone users can get it here:

There are some great things. I find the cursor hard to position accurately but now you can use the spacebar like a trackpad to move the cursor left or right. Another handy feature is tapping the spacebar twice outs in a full stop and a space.

Slightly spooky is that when you put a space, Gboard will offer predictions for the next word it thinks you will want to make things faster. Even weirder is that after a full-stop, Gboard scans the sentence and offers to do a search for any name that it recognises.

Pressing the coloured ‘G’ opens up a range of settings, including a keyboard better for one thumb use (so one can drink coffee at the same time!)

Microsoft Swiftkey for all phones – – is very similar, with the addition of a floating and much more customisable keyboard.