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Make searching easier

We all use the web to search for results. The trouble is that all we get is a text list of results and waste lots of time clicking on ones that we find not helpful.

‘Search results previewer’ is a great add-on that add a thumbnail of the web page along side the text results so that you can get a better idea of what the link is about. Look for it in your extensions or add-ons library for your browser. You just need to select the search engines that you want it to work with. Free and brilliant.

Should you change search engines?

Most of us realise that Google collects lots of data about us and how we use computers. That’s one reason I stay signed out on my main computer.

But what if you want to stop using Google for searching the web? Well there are several other options out there, but we are looking for ones that don’t harvest your data.

In my opinion, the best for privacy is DuckDuckGo, which has no relation to Google at all. However, this means that it doesn’t have access to the power of Google search.

An alternative is Startpage from the Netherlands. This pays Google a small fee to use the Google search engine but avoids tracking your activity. Obviously they need to make money to pay the fee to Google, so you do get some adverts and sponsored links. But these are not ‘personalised for your benefit’. And that sounds good to me.

Finding and managing podcasts

We’re all looking for more media to entertain or educate us. A podcast is a bit like a pre-recorded radio programme that you can download and play on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you want to listen to it. You can also subscribe to get new editions.

MusicBee is a great way to locate and manage these podcasts for your windows machine. You can also sync files with Android and iOS devices

Once you have installed and opened MusicBee, click the ‘podcasts’ tab and then right-click the left-hand window to select ‘search podcast directory’.

You can now search iTunes or digital podcasts. The former lets you search, whilst the latter has lists in categories. Find what you want and subscribe to them. Now close the window.

If you click on the title you want, all the episodes will be displayed. Just double-click the one you want and listen.

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