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Keep your stuff safe and avoid stolen items

Hopefully we have all got lots of presents. Let’s keep them safe. For protecting/tracing other items, then the UK National Property register at lets you register valuables and helps Police get your stuff back to you.

There is always a danger of buying electronics that are not sold by the rightful owner. One useful site is This lets you check the IMEI number of a phone (basically its serial number) against a list to see if it has been stolen. It also lets you register that yours has been stolen.

You can find your IMEI by dialling *#06#, on an Android by looking at settings-about phone-all specs-status-imei or for an iphone settings-general-about. Make a note of the number.

Android security

Android is by far the most common operating system o0n tablets and smartphones. As with anything popular, it attracts the bad people.

This means that you must secure your phone. First, put a security app onto your phone. This will check for malware and other potential weaknesses. Many are free and Avast Mobile Security is well thought of.

Secondly, encrypt your data in case you lose the device. This won’t have much of a performance impact on modern phones but will keep your data safe. Go to settings – security – encrypt phone (or tablet).

Thirdly change the default PIN. Make it longer or use a password.

Fourthly, consider using a VPN when you are on wifi networks that you don’t know that you can trust. Even better, use mobile data. Either way, your data will be encrypted and snoopers can’t read it.

Fifthly and the final frontier. Think about what you send, what you download and your own behaviour.