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Just what to watch on the TV?

It seems that we have so much TV that it is hard to find something to watch.

OnTvTonightUK is an app that shows you what’s showing in your region on free digital channels including FreeSat. Select the channels you want to know about, then browse or search.

ReelGood is all about series and films across the major streaming services.

Flixi is about you rating whatever you watch. It then uses this information to recommend new series and movies to you.

When is a bank not a bank?

And the answer is …..when it is an electronic money institution!

What does this mean to you? Well, many of the online and travel money services you see advertised are prepaid cards or on-line wallets. You put money on them in advance and then spend it – a bit like a credit card in reverse. OK, it looks like a bank, sounds like a bank – but doesn’t quite walk like a bank. The major factor is that electronic money institutions are not covered by the UK Government’s Compensation Scheme for UK bank accounts.

Many of these offers were underpinned by the technology of Wirecard. This company had a major problem when it was reported that Wirecard had a massive amount of money was missing. According to the reports all the cards operating on the Wirecard platform were frozen for a period but UK accounts are now functioning.

Financial failure of unregulated businesses can mean that there is no guarantee that users see their money again. Pre-paid cards can be useful and I do have one from Revolut to give me great exchange rates. But before taking out one of these cards in the UK I check whether it is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and if not then I don’t put too much money on mine.

Listen to podcasts from the Goons and others

One internet offering that I haven’t mentioned much are podcasts. These are a bit like the audiobooks that people used to get on cassettes.

One good location is Fourble ( which is full of talking books and radio shows that are completely free.

You can listen to podcasts on your computer or via an app on your phone. Great for when there is nothing on the radio!

See where your bank transactions happened

A new way to help you spot fraud is provided by Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

If your card or bank details are stolen, then they are often used all across the UK or even further afield. Now online banking customers can see where debit card transactions happened on a map.

Going into your account and single-clicking a debit card transaction will usually show where the transaction happened on a small map. I think it only works with payments from now on as it didn’t work on a transaction from January for me but did on ones in March

Are you a Christmas reuser?

Just read some interesting results from the Asia Pulp and paper online survey. It seems that 78% of us will use gift bags again, 70% boxes, 60% tissue paper and 40% will reuse wrapping paper. Is that cautious or tight? I know where I stand!