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find your local flying doctor

The GP for your PC

The Flying Doctor will look at your problem and solve it. Which isn’t the same as repairing your computer. Because the Flying Doctor is a businessman just like you.

Flying Doctors always look for the practical solution:

 Outlook Express badly broken? Use something else.

 Need your data? Pull the disc out and get the data onto another computer.

A terminal problem?

If it’s cheaper to buy a new computer than repair what you’ve got then The Flying Doctor will tell you.

And remember The Flying Doctor guarantee:

No Fix - No Fee!

What about The Flying Doctor?

The Flying Doctor is a team of experienced and knowledgeable computer experts, who know that the important thing is fixing the impact a broken computer is having on you. That is what they solve.

If you  are at home, work from home or run a micro business, then The Flying Doctor is for you.

The Flying Doctor always makes house calls- to get to know you, your computers and what your aims are.

As demand increases, we are expanding our business again and looking for franchise partners in new areas.

It’s a great opportunity to use your enthusiasm for computers get on board a successful business with a great business model.

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