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Highlights from the Flying Doctor's logbook
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Welcome to the November issue of highlights from the flights.

The Flying Doctor specialises in fast
response to computer problems for homes, people running business from home and in small offices.

Call The Flying Doctor because we will sort out your computer, web and network issues in a businesslike, sensible way. But, if there’s no affordable cure and it’s cheaper for you to buy a new computer, we will say so.

With 30 years’ experience of fixing computers, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen before. But we’re honest too - if we can’t fix it, we’ll tell you!

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We’re so sure that we’ll sort out your problems that we sayif The Flying Doctor doesn’t sort your problem then you don’t pay!

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This month we look at:

and also:

Just one calendar!

If you have a smartphone, you'll probably be using the contacts list and diary. But what about the one you have on your computer? Do you really want two lists?

No, you don't. So let's think about synchronization. This can be to a web-based system like Google calendar or to a program on your computer, such as Outlook.

Taking Google calendar as an example, then it's automatic on Android phones once you have set up your account on the phone and make sure you enter appointments and contacts into the google list, not the phones calendar or contacts. Other phones can use Google Sync.

For Outlook, things are a bit harder, but I think worth it. For Android phones, you'll need to synchronize your phone with Google calendar and then sync that to Outlook. There are free apps that will do this, like 'Go contact sync' and 'Google calendar sync'.

If you have a iPhone, then you'll be using iTunes and connecting the phone to the computer. Just search the web for 'iphone to outlook'

Stop your email controlling you

Do you ever feel that you are a slave to your email system?

Well fight back with these simple tips.

  1. Reduce the frequency that your email program checks for email. If it was that urgent they would have phoned, so once an hour is fine. That gives you 60 minutes without bings, etc.

  2. Be clever with your email addresses:

a) have email addresses for different things, such as insurance@, holiday@, so that you can identify what they are about;

b) bring all your email addresses into the same inbox. I've got four domains for personal and business purposes, but they all end up in the same place. It's a pain to have to logoff from one and logon to the next.

because now we can route them by sender, recipient and a whole range of other criteria. Outlook calls these rules, thunderbird has filters.

What you do is create folders and tell your email system to route all those sent to to the 'a' folder and so on (I hope there isn't really someone with that email address as they must get a lot of strange emails!).

So now you can see all your emails in one place, but sorted into different piles.

Enjoy the power!

Burn those recovery discs!

Most of us buy windows computers that come without a windows CD.

When you set the computer up you will be nagged to create recovery discs on CD or DVD. Most people ignore this incessant nagging or even turn it off.

But you do need these disks. Why?

There is a hidden part of the hard drive that contains an 'image' that you use to put windows back on.

Hunky-Dory until your drive breaks. And then there is no way to get your computer back to life as you son't have a copy of windows. So take ten minutes out of your life, create the recovery discs and save a LOT of stress later.

People that I'm working with
I've spent some time with Martin Green, who specializes in safety and security assessments for retailers.

Another interesting person is Claire Snowdon from expat knowhow, who works with people doing business in other cultures or relocating there

Franchise partner opportunities
We've released the next five territories for franchise partners to join the fleet using our proven business model to build a successful business.

The flying doctor is  looking for enthusiastic individuals who enjoy working with computers. You can help them run their own business and turn their passion into profit!

Think of the people you know who would like this opportunity then get them to:
  call the flying doctor on 01865 748197
  visit the website

to start on their success.

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