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The flying doctor is expanding the fleet and flying to new destinations to help people suffering from computer panic.

Run your own business by being a pilot with
the flying doctor as a computer repair franchise partner .

Check out the opportunities available:

Ask about the flight plan for you:

Call 01865 748197 for a chat or contact us

Computer repair franchises - Are you ready for takeoff?

Yes?  Then you could be part of the flying doctor team!

If you are already running a computer support business:

then we can provide you with the tools to make it really successful.

If you are working to make someone else richer and want to work for yourself:

then the flying doctor has the business tool kit for you to get the rewards you deserve.

If you want to leave the rat race and get in control of your life:

Then we can help you make it happen

Download our full partner profile description

Ask about the flight plan for you:

Call 01865 748197 for a chat or  contact us

Mail: flyingdoctor@morganblake.co.uk?subject=Interested in being part of the team%3F&body=Then email us about it here!

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