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The flying doctor is expanding the fleet and flying to new destinations to help people suffering from computer panic.

Run your own business by being a pilot with
the flying doctor as a computer repair franchise partner .

Check out the opportunities available:

Ask about the flight plan for you:

Call 01865 748197 for a chat or contact us

Computer repair franchise - What do I get?

A flying doctor computer repair franchise partner gets the benefits you need for a head-start for your successful business:

to get you running:

 An exclusive territory to build your business;

 a professional image through a uniform, processes and forms;

 the right technical backup before you start;

 shows you the marketing system to get customers so that you can start earning fast;

 provides you with a ready made business system as a foundation for your business - so you can fix computers rather than design admin processes;

 four days’ training;

 the marketing pack with leaflets delivered  for you, local press coverage, business cards and

 the launch pack with your operational and technical toolkits;

All the time:

 computer repair franchisee team support days;

 central marketing via  the website, tweets, Blog and newsletters;

 technical forum and knowledge base;

 telephone and in-person mentoring and advice;

 testimonials and feedback systems;

Group purchasing discounts;

 being part of a team of entrepreneurs to support each other and profit together.

Ask about the flight plan for you:

Call 01865 748197 for a chat or  contact us

Technology Support franchise - run my own business

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